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Guide to Programming the ESP32

By William Hooi

The Espressif System's ESP32 is a dual Wi-Fi/BT 'wonder' chip that is poised to be the game-changer in the IoT space. Within days of announcing its availability to the market, thousands of chips & modules were snapped up worldwide. As beta testers & evaluators of the ESP32 prototype, we felt that while the hardware holds much promise, programming it will be the biggest headache for those eager buyers. This is because unlike the ESP8266 which can be program with non-OS and FreeRTOS, the ESP32 requires a new FreeRTOS-based architecture dev framework known as the ESP-IDF.

At the point of writing/submission, the development for the ESP-IDF is still ongoing. Working in collaboration with a few eminent hackers & engineers from the region, I had the good fortune to code test some early versions of the upcoming ESP-32 development board from the designers of the Arduino Nano and Espresso Lite (codenamed the Nano32). In this presentation I hope to do a basic programming demo e.g. controlling sensors and actuators, connecting it to the web, making API calls, communicating with other webservices, etc.