Geekcamp Singapore 2021

Past Events

GeekcampSG 2019

Saturday, 19 October 2019
  • How to create a web application in multiple programming languages

    Chang Sau Sheong

    Tanuki is a polyglot web framework that allows you to develop web applications and services in multiple programming languages.

  • Building Web-Based Audio Player for Obscure Audio Format Video


    BRSTM is an audio file format that are used on Nintendo Wii games and many others. This talk will cover the journey in building this player which decodes the BRSTM file entirely on browser and plays it back using Web Audio API.

  • Implementing Open Source-Based Motion Controlled Robotic Arms with Python and C Video

    Renaldi Gondosubroto

    This talk will demonstrate how to easily program two DIY open source motion-controlled robotic arms, demonstrating how to start your own mechatronics-related projects easily.

  • Don’t let your Internet Of Things become an Internet Of Targets Video

    Hazwan Hassan

    As current and future homes become pre-wired for connectivity and home renovators start providing “smart home” services, it is time to take a look at how they can be setup to ensure safety. We will explore how network segregation techniques can be used at home to keep the network safe.

  • Creating Art from Music Video

    Subhransu Behera

    3 years ago I wanted to work on a project where I wanted to convert any image (art piece, selfie, random portrait) into music. The idea is based on mapping colors to musical notes. I spoke to a pianist and he asked - can you create an art from music instead. A unique art when someone plays music.

  • Love At First Byte: a romantic journey into the future of us Video


    Love At First Byte, is a talk about humans, and how technology is going to shape us in the future. Discussing concepts like assistive technologies, brain machine interfaces, flying drones telepathically, and virtual realities. Simply put, this talk is a love story between mind and machine.

  • Implementing Trigonometry in SCSS, and lessons learnt Video

    Liu Weiyuan

    Basic CSS is insufficient. We use Sass (SCSS) to push the stylesheet language to the limit, where it’s similar to a programming language. Through implementing Trigonometry in SCSS as an example, we harness engineering principles such as code reuse, and perform unit-testing of SCSS functions.

  • WebThings: A secure gateway to connect your things to Internet Video

    Dipesh Monga

    With the advent of the IoT, are we really making our lives simpler or drowning ourselves in a vast ocean by uploading our lives to the internet? WebThings is an open platform for monitoring and controlling devices over the web that comes to the rescue.

  • The Singapore Tech Community - A 10 year retrospective Video

    Michael Cheng

    A talk on the development of the local technology meetup scene through the eyes of a community builder & organizer. I’ll show the progression from our humble beginnings and how foreign talent and different overseas student exchange programs have shaped the local tech and startup scene.