Geekcamp Singapore 2023

Past Events

  • GeekcampSG 2022

    Saturday, 29 October 2022
    • Opening

    • The horizontal overflow problem Video

      Chen Hui JingGao Wei

      Have you ever visited a website on a phone only to find that when you want to scroll down, the entire page also sways from left to right due to some mysterious horizontal overflow? Unintended horizontal overscrolling is not a great experience. Let's break the problem down and also try to solve it.

    • Don't be shy - how to ask your senior devs for the help Video Slides

      Shi Ling

      As a junior dev, have you ever wanted to ask your senior dev for help, but felt paiseh (Singlish for embarrassed)? My senior is so busy all the time... What if my question is too bodoh (Singlish for stupid) and irritates my senior? Let me teach you the art of asking good questions.

    • Let's learn about the Life2Well Project without frying your brain Video

      Nguyen Duc Minh AnhNguyen Thien Minh TuanKenneth Y T Lim

      What might the collision of maker culture, data science, electroencephalograms, the Internet of Things, and climate science look like? In this session, we share a student-initiated project which explores this very intersection. Come join us and BYOCM (bring your own craft materials)!

    • Rolling Your Own Cryptography: Why You Shouldn't Video Slides

      Jules Poon

      In 2019, a trivial flaw existed on Flickr that allowed user impersonation. It's one of many that come from flaws in the use of cryptography: And it's not the developer's fault; Crypto is fragile. This talk describes the wide contexts crypto is used (and attacked) and all that can go wrong.

    • Better migrations in PostgreSQL using Squawk

      Kenny Shen

      Learn how Squawk can help improve your migrations and schema definitions in PostgreSQL. We will discuss the various rules that Squawk lints against and how they can lead to more resilient database design in PostgreSQL.

    • A Day in Cyber Security Video

      Muhammad Hazwan

      In the past edition of "Geekcamp.SG", I received a lot of queries on what it takes to start in CyberSecurity. This workshop is part presentation and part hands-on on some of the tasks and the different roles that a Cyber Security Blue Teamer might carry out.

    • Parsing Differential Problem Video

      Sim Cher Boon

      As microservices have become popular in the current software engineering landscape, it is important to consider security risks arising from interactions between components within a system. We will explore the parsing differential problem and discuss remedies with examples.

    • Storage and Retrieval in databases from scratch Video Slides

      Zhi-Yang Ten

      Based on content from Martin Kleppmann's Designing Data Intensive Applications, go under the hood of databases and simulate with code examples (in JS), how DBs read and write files: append-only, hash index, LSMTrees and B+Trees. Also will touch on Online Analysis Processing DB strategies

    • ChIPs - Polycube (Voxel) Construction Set Video

      Liao Choon Way

      Have you wanted to use a construction set to build a model but don't want to deal with complicated techniques to remove studs/build sideways? Not Square? Too many different types of bricks? Something you can freely 3D print cheaply? etc. Look no further; this is the construction set for you!

    • The Lord of the Monorepos: An efficient setup with pnpm and NX Video Slides

      Thomas Huchedé

      One setup to rule all your repositories, One setup to find them, One setup to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them. On the laptop of the developer where the node_modules lie.

    • Verifiable Computing Project - Building truly open-source computing hardware Video Slides

      Joyce Ng

      Processors are at the heart of our devices. As they become more integrated with other functions, what do we know about how they work? Do we trust their designers? We present a computer design with a FPGA RISC-V processor implementation, allowing for the underlying hardware to be inspected.

    • The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Dumb Values Video

      Chew Choon Keat

      There are many ways to solve a problem, some better than others: copy from StackOverflow, use a popular library, callbacks, promises, goroutines, meta programming, queue, regexes, and so on. But there’s one dumb approach that keeps ending up as the better solution in many situations: plain values.

    • Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptography, Part II: A look back of blockchain evolution over the last 10 years. Video

      U-Zyn Chua

      I gave a Geekcamp opening keynote in 2012 titled "Bitcoin – How it is safer than you bank", when Bitcoin was barely known outside of a small group of users.This is a no-hype talk that covers both my personal journey in the blockchain scene, as well as evolution of blockchain, from my eyes.

    • Creating Art From Databases Video Slides

      Sam Poder

      When I ask, what does a database look like? An ER Diagram may come to mind. How about, what does a DB sound like? Hmm.. maybe, the screams of one being accidentally deleted. Ultimately, art is made up of data. A song has notes, a painting has pixels etc. So, why not turn our databases into art?

    • Software best practices in a Hard(ware) world Video Slides

      Chinmay Pendharkar

      Software processes and best practices like version control, build automation and CI/CD are widely adopted in the software industry, but how to adapt these ideas to hardware design and development? Does git work on schematics? Can I automate hardware testing? Let's explore!

    • Understanding the TLS Ecosystem by Probing the Internet Video

      Wong Wai Tuck

      This talk looks at how to perform an internet-wide scan supporting TLSv1.3. We collect data from the entire IPv4 space on port 443 and analyze 9,461,056 data points to baseline the state of the TLS ecosystem. We conclude the talk by looking at how the ecosystem can be improved.

    • How Python 3.11 is Speeding Up Video Slides

      Ken Jin

      Speed is coming to Python. After years of mostly stagnant year-on-year Python performance improvements, Python 3.11 is 25% faster than Python 3.10, thanks to various contributors. I'd love to share the technical details of how this was achieved.

    • Using math, statistics, and JavaScript - to automate the solving of WORDLE - so I will never need to do so again Video

      Eugene Cheah

      My wife is really addicted to Wordle, and she's been bugging me to try it every day, and compete for a better score then me ....But I suck at Wordle! So I used math, statistics, and JavaScript - to automate solving of wordle for me (so I will never need to do so again)

    • The L4 Compiler: a toolchain for a DSL for law Video

      Wong Meng Weng

      Programmers and lawyers do the same thing: we anticipate a range of future scenarios and try to say what is, and is not, supposed to happen in each one. But lawyers program in English. What if CS had been invented before law? What would lawyers be programming in instead?

  • GeekcampSG 2021

    Saturday, 6 November 2021
    • Machine Learning Supercharged with Elixir Video

      Tan Jian Zhen

      Machine learning is traditionally done on Python and Jupyter Notebooks, but a small team looked at the issues of the traditional way of doing things and the strengths of Elixir and made an amazing workflow. Ideally, the goal is to introduce people to the strengths of Elixir.

    • Passwords are old, use WebAuthn Video

      Mohammad Shahbaz Alam

      What if we could build our authentication processes in a way the user doesn’t need a password? I will give a quick overview of the past, present, and future of authentication. From basic authentication to passwordless biometric authentication using web authentication API, and everything in between.

    • How to Create Pure CSS Games Video

      Elad Shechter

      Elad Shechter took his free time at home to create a pure CSS game. He will explain to you lots of tips and tricks on how to create pure CSS games, based on the Coronavirus game he made:

    • (An introduction to) Domain Storytelling

      Henning Schwentner

      Domain Storytelling is a collaborative modeling method. It brings together domain experts and development teams. It means that we let our users tell us stories about their work. While listening, we record the stories using a pictographic language.

    • Choreography vs Orchestration in serverless microservices

      Mete Atamel

      Should there be a central orchestrator controlling all interactions between services or should each service work independently and only interact through shared events? In this talk, we’ll explore the Choreography vs Orchestration question and see demos of some of the tools that can help.

    Sunday, 7 November 2021
    • The 10,000 Steps of Open Source Project Health Video

      Dmitry Vinnik

      In this talk, we will look at the approach that Facebook Open Source team takes to measure the current state of Facebook open source projects, and how we use these metrics to prioritize and to direct our DevRel focus. We aim to show how by looking at information about your open source communities.

    • Everyone's a player (in a mid-90s MUD) Video

      Kenzie Woodbridge

      This talk takes the approach of applying Player Type Theory (from game design) to getting people involved and engaged in technical and documentation projects in a technical environment. Practical tips are offered for dealing with lack of engagement, human-caused delays, and even workplace bullying.

    • The Definitive Deep Dive into the .git Folder Video

      Rob Richardson

      What’s in the .git folder? We’ll dive deep into the objects folder, unpack commits, look at the types of DAG nodes, examine object content, and build a complete visualization of the stored content. We’ll also quickly look through Git hooks, Git config, and ref logs. Come experience the zen of git.

    • Demystifying the Java Flight Recorder API Video

      Karan Balkar

      This talk will be useful for developers who wish to monitor the performance of the applications especially in case of heavy data loads. It will help developers to understand how to use and integrate the JFR APIs in their existing Java based projects seamlessly along with the best practices.

  • GeekcampSG 2020

    Saturday, 19 September 2020
    • Bridging the Cyber-Physical World with Robotics and Smart Sensors Video

      Chong Jia Yi

      GovTech’s Digital Operations Smart Services (DOSS) platform uses deep learning to develop smart sensors and autonomous robotics. The robot dog SPOT and smart thermal scanner SPOTON were both developed on the DOSS platform. Jia Yi will share his experiences developing DOSS and plans for the platform.

    • CBOR: For Faster M2M Communication Video

      Isham Mohammed

      In this talk, Isham will introduce CBOR (RFC 7049 standard) to the audience and explain the essence of the existence of CBOR and how that makes M2M communication faster.

    • The Socially Responsible Behaviour through Embodied Thinking (SORBET) Project: a COVID-19 response Video

      Kenneth Y T Lim, Ahmed Hazyl Hilmy

      Have you been thinking about how settings of learning might be designed to help nurture socially responsible behaviour, such as investing the self-discipline to develop the habit of social distancing? Both Kenneth and Ahmed will invite you to their sharing on the SORBET Project.

    • A Change-Data-Capture use-case: designing an evergreen cache Video

      Nicolas Frankel

      CDC is a brand new approach that 'turns the database inside out': it allows to get events out of the database state. This can be leveraged to get a cache that is never stale.

    Sunday, 20 September 2020
    • Don't be Afraid of the Terminal

      Adrienne Tacke

      At some point in our developer careers, we've all looked at this intimidating window of darkness called the terminal. Despite its efficiency & power, many choose GUIs instead. Adrienne will demystify the terminal, from its origins up to its powerful commands. You'll leave a new fan of the terminal!

    • Securing Singapore with Augmented Reality: a pandemic-proof prototype Video

      Tan Li Yuan Marcus, Siddhant Shrivastava

      PlantAR is an AR application for securing our National Critical Infrastructures in COVID19. The talk and live demo will share the best practices learned about designing pandemic-proof teleoperation software through the lens of a hobby project in an operational Cyber-Physical Systems testbed.

    • META II: A compiler-compiler that generates its own code Video

      Melvin Zhang

      Most of the time we treat compilers as black boxes but what really goes on under the hood? In this demo, I will demonstrate a DSL for writing compilers and a compiler-compiler that turns the DSL into a compiler. Amazingly, we can describe the compiler-compiler itself in only 26 lines of the DSL.

    • Supercharge your JavaScript with Web Assembly Video

      Tamas Piros

      Browser & Web APIs along with JavaScript have seen an incredible amount of enhancement over the past decade, however they still have certain limitations. With the rise of Web Assembly we can easily enhance JavaScript and give application(s) access to low-level processing & transform web experiences.

  • GeekcampSG 2019

    Saturday, 19 October 2019
    • How to create a web application in multiple programming languages Video

      Chang Sau Sheong

      Tanuki is a polyglot web framework that allows you to develop web applications and services in multiple programming languages.

    • Building Web-Based Audio Player for Obscure Audio Format Video


      BRSTM is an audio file format that are used on Nintendo Wii games and many others. This talk will cover the journey in building this player which decodes the BRSTM file entirely on browser and plays it back using Web Audio API.

    • Implementing Open Source-Based Motion Controlled Robotic Arms with Python and C Video

      Renaldi Gondosubroto

      This talk will demonstrate how to easily program two DIY open source motion-controlled robotic arms, demonstrating how to start your own mechatronics-related projects easily.

    • Don’t let your Internet Of Things become an Internet Of Targets Video

      Hazwan Hassan

      As current and future homes become pre-wired for connectivity and home renovators start providing “smart home” services, it is time to take a look at how they can be setup to ensure safety. We will explore how network segregation techniques can be used at home to keep the network safe.

    • Creating Art from Music Video

      Subhransu Behera

      3 years ago I wanted to work on a project where I wanted to convert any image (art piece, selfie, random portrait) into music. The idea is based on mapping colors to musical notes. I spoke to a pianist and he asked - can you create an art from music instead. A unique art when someone plays music.

    • Love At First Byte: a romantic journey into the future of us Video


      Love At First Byte, is a talk about humans, and how technology is going to shape us in the future. Discussing concepts like assistive technologies, brain machine interfaces, flying drones telepathically, and virtual realities. Simply put, this talk is a love story between mind and machine.

    • Implementing Trigonometry in SCSS, and lessons learnt Video

      Liu Weiyuan

      Basic CSS is insufficient. We use Sass (SCSS) to push the stylesheet language to the limit, where it’s similar to a programming language. Through implementing Trigonometry in SCSS as an example, we harness engineering principles such as code reuse, and perform unit-testing of SCSS functions.

    • WebThings: A secure gateway to connect your things to Internet Video

      Dipesh Monga

      With the advent of the IoT, are we really making our lives simpler or drowning ourselves in a vast ocean by uploading our lives to the internet? WebThings is an open platform for monitoring and controlling devices over the web that comes to the rescue.

    • The Singapore Tech Community - A 10 year retrospective Video

      Michael Cheng

      A talk on the development of the local technology meetup scene through the eyes of a community builder & organizer. I’ll show the progression from our humble beginnings and how foreign talent and different overseas student exchange programs have shaped the local tech and startup scene.

  • GeekcampSG 2018+

    Saturday, 5 January 2019
    • Genetic Algorithms in Go Video

      Chang Sau Sheong

      Genetic algorithms are metaheuristics that are based on the process of natural selection. This talk give a simple introduction to GA, with a couple of examples including evolving a phrase from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and also an image of Mona Lisa.

    • Serverless - Looking beyond the hype Video

      Monika Puhazhendhi

      We all know serverless as a top buzzword today. But is it suitable for everything? How cost effective is it? What are the pitfalls to avoid? How does it fit in with microservices? In this talk, we will explore these questions and more. We will look beyond the hype to grasp what serverless really is.

    • How Alan Turing accidentally invented Software Video

      Melvin Zhang

      We use software regularly without thinking too much of it, but do you wonder how it all came to be? Turing was the first person to realize that by using different software a single machine can be made to perform any task. In this talk, we will demonstrate his insight through a series of demos.

    • 5 cool things about Haskell Video

      Stephan February

      Haskell is often seen as daunting to beginners. While this can certainly be the case, I would love to share 5 cool (non-intimidating) things which I’m sure will get you excited about digging a little deeper into this language.

    • When life gives you Orange, make data speak volumes! Video

      Drishti Jain

      Have you ever thought of using data visualization to represent data; but feel that it is a cumbersome process? Worry not – Orange is here to the rescue! Come, dive into the world of this magical open source data mining tool that can also be used as a Python library. Beginner friendly!

    • The Incredibly Fine Balance of an Open Source Project and an Open Source Product Video

      Harish Pillay

      “Open source” as a label has been used in many places and yet, there are nuances that it has that gets either lost or not articulated. This talk will explain the fine balance that is between open source PROJECTs and open source PRODUCTs.

    • Pocket Science Lab - An Open Source Hardware for Electronics Teaching & Learning Video

      Wai Gie

      Pocket Science Lab (PSLab) is an Open Source hardware device (open on all layers) that can be used for experiments by teachers, students and citizen scientists to learn and teach electronics. The hardware comes with a firmware, desktop app, android app - all open source. This tiny pocket lab provides an array of sensors for doing science and engineering experiments. It comes with functions of numerous measurement devices including an oscilloscope, a waveform generator, a frequency counter, a programmable voltage, current source and as a data logger. During this session, Wai Gie will speak about the project development and current use cases of the device through a short demo.

    • So what's exactly a JIT Compiler? Video

      Omer Iqbal

      What exactly makes Javascript so much faster than other dynamic languages? Or why is Pypy so much faster than CPython? And how is it, that our old friend Java, which runs on a “VM”, can almost compete with native compiled languages? The answer partially is due to JIT (Just In Time) compilation.

    • United we serve, divided we scale Video

      Sebastiaan Deckers

      The story of why & how I am building a global CDN to make the web & DNS fast, secure, and cheap even in regions others can’t. Free software. Open hardware. Cooperative infrastructure ownership.

    • Application Security for FREE !! Video

      Harley Davidson Karel

      This topic will cover how to find vulnerability on java, python,ruby on rails,php using free/open source SAST.It will demonstrate on CLI,IDE and Jenkins integration.So that developer can found & fixed the vulnerability since on development stage without waiting for penetration testing stage.

    • DevSecOps Video

      Cheah Eng Soon

      Are you looking to build Cloud-based applications using DevOps methodology but worried that the traditional security methods may not adapt to the modern development techniques?

  • GeekcampSG 2017

    Saturday, 18 November 2017
    • Think twice before dropping ACID and throw your CAP away Video

      Andrew Gregovic

      In today's world of Google and Amazon everyone demands their apps and platforms to be "web scale" (whatever that means). The CAP theorem says we have to sacrifice consistency for scalability. However, the practical implications are much more nuanced, and even Google is moving to scalable ACID.

    • The Dark side of Internet of things Video

      Dipesh Monga

      With the advent of Internet of things, monitoring and controlling electrical appliances over the internet has become a child's play. But are we really making our lives simpler or diving ourselves in a vast ocean which is getting deeper and deeper?

    • Algorithms for Startup Founders Video

      Chang Sau Sheong

      Algorithms are for everyone, not just for programmers! In this talk I will be discussing how algorithms can be used to help startup founders to solve some of their most common problems.

    • Of Course We Trust The WIFI Video

      Muhammad Hazwan

      We all love to be connected and we love public WIFI! Of course we know that we should use HTTPS and VPN, we're not that silly! But what about our friends and family? Should we leave them to fend for themselves? Of course not! So how do we keep them safe while using that awesome free WIFI?

    • Going Serverless Video

      Yos Riady

      Serverless computing replaces long-running virtual machines with ephemeral compute power that comes into existence on request and disappears immediately after use. Tap into a virtually endless mana pool!

    • Continuous Delivery For Short People Video

      Huiren Woo

      Martin Fowler has a famous phrase - "you must be this tall to use Microservices". But Continuous Delivery is for everyone - even short people. In this talk, I'll show you how you can do CD for your small companies and succeed.

    • How developers got password security so wrong Video

      Junade Ali

      All of us use passwords on a daily basis, throughout the internet, on everything from social media to online banking. Over decades, misinformation on password security has jeopardised the security of millions of users. This talk will discuss where password security went wrong and how we can fix it.

    • Creating my own emoji programming language Video

      Subhransu Behera

      Creating a programming language is sometimes boring and requires a lot of dedication and knowledge about how compiler works. I have been thinking about creating something similar just for fun and emoji's are fun. So the idea expressing a syntax just by emojis are interesting.

    • Samsung Tizen .Net with Xamarin Video

      Cheah Eng Soon

      Tizen is an open source operating system based on Linux that powers more than 50 million Samsung devices around the world, including TVs, wearables, mobile, and many other Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

    • When a meta-circular interpreter meets itself Video

      Archy Wilhes

      The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The program that has been written down in your IDE is not the eternal program. This is a talk about programming revolving around meta-circular interpreter. And it answers the very philosophical question, “What exactly is programming?”

    • UI, beyond pixels Video

      Cheng Yi Chiao

      Most of the time when people speak of ui they only think of screens. However there are other methods that are ignored such as tangible user interface or voice user interface.

    • How and Why I almost wrote an ORM Video


      Sometimes when you can't find existing solutions, you just go ahead and build your own. As you evolve what you build, it will start to grow and start to do more than what it was meant to. This is one of those times.