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What is it?

Conference for the geeks.

No startup talks. No how to get rich talks. This is purely a tech conference.

Hashtag: #geekcampsg | Date: 7th September 2013 | Time: 9:30am to 6pm (Afterparty afterwards) | Location: Microsoft, 21st Floor

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This year, our theme is Because we can!. See inspiration here!

Topics up for voting!

Topic Speaker
Continuously testing and deploying client-side code for free without a build server.
In this talk, I will demonstrate how to continuously test and deploy your frontside GUI code (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angularjs, JQuery, etc.) for free without needing to setup your own build server or needing to talk to your backend API. Using services such as Github, Github pages, and Travis-CI along with frameworks such as Jasmine and Karma, you can free your front-end developers from having to wait on the backend team and cleanly decouple your front end tests.

Chris Boesch
Build Massive Client-side Apps with Angular.js and Purpose
Confused by Angular? Feel cared and alone while you wade through the documentation?
You're not alone.

Feel like you don't know how to organize your application?
You're not alone.

Think programming is hard?
You're not alone.

It doesn't have to be this way. Seek help today. Vote for this talk in the next 8 hours and for $6.99 have your problems solved today.

Conor McLaughlin
Cooking for Geeks
In order to facilitate the hacking of food, we need to first understand how food additives and chemicals are currently used in urban societies.

Pang Tee How
Data Anonymization
Need to run performance tests or debug production issues? Need production data? Well, you can't have it because giving you the data could expose you or the company to lawsuits and bad press. So what do you do?

In this talk I will introduce data anonymization techniques and a ruby gem which simplifies anonymization of data in relational and NoSQL databases.

Satyam Agarwala
Hack your own beer
Brewing your own beer is an immensly enjoyable hobby. Not only do you get great beer at the end of the process, but on your way there you can hack away as much as you want. With the help of the Arduino and the Rasberry Pi, we have turned second hand fridges and a soup heater into a web controlled home brewery, perfect for crafting delicous beer.

This talk will dwell shortly on how to make beer and devote most of the time on the tech behind it. For more on the beer side of things, checkout the brand new blog at

Markus Baden
Adventures with Microservices
We've spent the last year working on a project where we have 8 micro services in production, and we plan to carve out a few more. In this talk we will share our experiences with building a micro service based architecture - the good, the bad and the ugly.

What are micro services?
When/Why/How micro services?
Why NOT micro services?
Managing Continuous delivery with micro services
A few design principles that we followed.

Anand Agrawal
Continuous delivery for IOS
This talk will focus on how to get a simple build pipeline going for an iPhone app. This talk will cover aspects of how to setup a IOS project using CocoaPods, unit testing using bdd tools like Kiwi, functional testing using Frank, CI using GO and deploying into TestFlight.

Manuel Paul Joseph
Data Visualization with Google Chart Tools
I will share about the development story behind the Great Singapore Rat Race, a website that allows you to compare your pay against government data. It is the winner of the 2013 Singapore PlugFest competition (Open Category) as well as the Most Innovative App award. I will also walk through code snippets to demonstrate how certain visualizations were achieved with Google Chart Tools.

Seah Ru Hong
How I crawl the web
Because of the recent haze, I crawled the and created for pure fun.

The data is automatically drawn from the website. In this talk, I will share how I did it.

Bryan Lim
Fade to blur and other pretty tricks in iOS
Users have huge expectations to get more complex but easy-to-use application workflow. Your app will never succeed without attractive, fancy animations or effects. Native iOS transitions and UI elements become boring.

Want to know how to create something similar to notification/control center effects shown in iOS 7? Would you like to find the passion to optimise UX and bring creative UI to users? In this talk I'll go through the techniques on how to build complicated animation and effects based on several built-in animations like fading, scaling and blurring.

Dmitry Klimkin
Continuous Build System for Android
Builds are tedious, time-consuming and frustrating. Half your time as a developer always seems to be either waiting for the damn build to finish or find out why the build has suddenly decided to spit stack traces. And then you have unit tests, code coverage, quality tools to integrate as well.

If this sounds like your experience – there is a better way, a way where you can develop in peace while a machine does the heavy lifting. This is Continuous Integration (CI).

In this talk, I’ll cover a standard Android CI stack (ADT, Eclipse, Maven, Jenkins, Sonar) and show the amazing value of open source tooling.

Andrew Alcock
Scale without NoSQL
NoSQL is cool, trendy, powerful and can easily create some truly terrible problems when you actually try to scale it. It is often seen as the easy solution for building a production environment that scale to the size of Facebook. I will breakdown the reasons why people look toward NoSQL as their savior and the reasons you might want to re-consider this decision. The truth is that NoSQL like many new technologies has certain advantages and corresponding negatives.

Justin Mann
Bringing MacGyverism to the young..because we can
Is makerism and maker culture a fad or something that could potentially be transformative? With the fixation over exam grades and academic achievement, will tinkering, hacking, building and inventing be just another playful experimental endeavour? Having worked with students from all levels for the past two years at the Science Centre Singapore, I will share the unconventional 'MacGyver'ish (and sometimes dangerous!) projects that our students in Singapore is capable of making. Are lasers involved? Check. Will there be explosions? Definitely.

William Hooi
Every Single Trick I Use For Web Development
I've been building Django apps for about 2 years now and I'm going to share with you every single trick I use that helps me make apps faster.

From useful mac apps, to vim plugins, to useful django libraries to git workflows, to blogs I read for up-to-date news, I'm gonna bare it all in this intense 30 min session.

Chng Naiyun
PHP – The Ugly Duckling
PHP, the language we geeks love to hate, and hate to love.

Explore the reasons why people hate PHP. Learn about the improvements PHP have had over the years and (re)discover the sexy new PHP.

U-Zyn Chua
Lets 'Go' ! - An intro to Google's GoLang Programming Language
Go, otherwise known as Golang, is an open source, compiled, garbage-collected, concurrent system programming language. It was first designed and developed at Google Inc. beginning in September 2007 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson.

Go aims to provide the efficiency of a statically typed compiled language with the ease of programming of a dynamic language. Go is highly suitable for apps with high level of concurrency .

In this talk , we discuss the benefits of using Go programming language , how it compares with other languages , run through the basics of the language and play with some fun interactive demos .

Bhagaban Behera
Where are the geeks?
Ever wonder what hiring managers are thinking? What do they look for in their candidates? And what should you do to make the shortlist for job interviews?

In this talk, I will share some of my experience and observations hiring security engineers and developers from the perspective of a technical hiring manager. I will discuss the challenges of finding good technical people in Singapore. Really, where are the geeks? I will also share a couple of my favourite interview questions that I would usually ask my candidates.

Eugene Teo
Oh NO. Not more hardware!
Last year, Dave jumped on his Harley and rode 200 km through the night at high speed just to present "Hardware is NOT boring" which featured a network enabled Arduino driving racing cars and trains around a track controlled by a mobile phone.

This year he is joined Adnan Jalaludin to present even more crazy stuff but this time it is all powered by the Raspberry Pi, servo motors, DC motors, webcams and, almost literally, anything else that they can beg, borrow or steal in order to make things go with a bang. Oh yeah - maybe flying things too....

There will be code you can use.
There will be circuits you can build.
And, just like last year, there will be occasional diversions when
something does not go as planned.

Dave Appleton
Pebble Watch SDK
Pebble is the first watch built for the 21st century. It is very minimal yet extremely customizable with internet-connected apps. During this session we will look at the technical capabilities of the Pebble and what you can achieve when you connect your smartphone to it. By the end of the session you will have the knowledge to build great Pebble apps.

Matthew Morey
Put it on a map!
Geo is a hot topic at the moment, and its only going to heat up further over the next 12 months. Everyone is jumping into location intelligence, routing, tracking and more. Many platforms exist for developing map based apps, most involve complex APIs or hardcore GIS products that require significant domain expertise.

Lets take a look at the relative benefits and caveats of some of the most popular platforms including Google Maps, Nokia Maps, Bing Maps and Open Street Maps; learn whats involved in getting a project up and running quickly and easily and discuss best practices for creating Map Based Apps.

Tim Chandler
Hack the Kinect, AR Drone and Other Cool Sensors using a Graphical Programming Platform, LabVIEW
Arthur C. Clarke said every revolutionary idea evokes three stages of reaction, which may be summed up by three phrases:
1. it's completely impossible
2. it's possible, but it's not worth doing
3. I said it was a good idea all along

Learn to hack the Microsoft Xbox Kinect, Google Android, AR Drone, Nintendo Wii remote and Nunchuck and various other sensors with NI LabVIEW.

Aashish Mehta
Real-Time Chat App with HTML5 WebSockets
Real-time apps are increasingly important nowadays. It's part of having great UX for the modern age. An understanding of WebSockets will allow you to build real-time goodies like twitter feeds, facebook timeline, real time chat, games etc.

We'll build a browser based chat app using WebSockets. This is the new HTML5 standard of handling 2 way communication between client and server or server sent events. Prior to WebSockets, technologies such as comet/ajax and flash has been used to handle server sent events or push technology. WebSockets are great for real-time apps such as chat, games, 'timelines', 'feeds', etc.. It's more efficient and does not hammer your server like how previous technologies would.

This will be a practical presentation to get you started using websockets in 30 minutes. I'll be showing you how to do this with a little bit of ruby, javascript, html, css. I'll be using Sinatra to build this.

Josh Teng
Building News Aggregators 101
Ever wonder how online news aggregators like Techmeme manage to sift through thousands of articles published each day and surface only the best articles? What are some of the techniques and algorithms behind the apparent chaos?

In this talk, I will share my experiences in researching and building Katsu News, a fully-automated and algorithm-driven online news aggregator for fans of Japanese anime, music and pop culture.

If things like K-nearest neighbor, graphs, clustering and keyword extraction excite you, then you would probably like this talk.

Jonathan Wong
The State of Three
Three.js is an open source 3d (webgl) javascript library whose popularity has seen no signs of slowing down.

In this talk, we will be covering three states of three.js - the past (the hall of fame), present(the things you can work on) and future (of which applications we hope to see).

This talk will be filled with demos, storytelling, insights (coming from a contributor), and technical deep dives.

Joshua Koo
Building apps with AngularJS
AngularJS is a fancy new front-end framework by Google.

Initially started as a 20% time project, it's now been officially sanctioned by Google and has emerged as a leading toolkit for front-end development.

By rethinking the way we use the very foundation of the web — HTML, AngularJS makes writing web apps faster, simpler, and importantly, easily testable.

This talk will provide and introduction to
- the basics of development with AngularJS
- concepts of services and directives
- unit and end-to-end testing with AngularJS

Ruiwen Chua
Data Services - The Good, the Bad and the ugly...
Project Nimbus is one of the first community driven data as a service project back in 2009.
Fast forward to 2013, we see more data services and APIs available to geeks and developers.
We are glad and excited by the new opportunities and services enabled by the availability.
We will like an 'unplugged' session with the local geek community to share about our journey so far.
<-- Actually, a bunch of us are toying to do a Project Nimbus version 2. It will be great if the geeks can show us some love, give some feedback :) -->

Yap Neng Giin
Useful Tools for Mobile Developers
There are a ton of small, not very well-known utilities that could help developers code faster and in a more efficient manner. For example:

* There are utilities which would help iOS developers check their project for unused resources, or for deprecated/obsolete API calls.

* There are utilities which allow you to design a game level visually.

* There are utilities which help you extract relevant images from a PSD file in specific layers.

Knowing about at least a few of these utilities could increase a developers productivity quite a bit. What if a developer used many of these utilities at once in their daily workflow? How much more efficient would they be?

Fahim Farook
How to Build an iOS App like Candy Crush
Do you have an idea for an app or game that you want to build in iOS but have no idea how to go about building it?

Learn about the popular tools, frameworks, algorithms and best practices for building iOS games using Candy Crush as an example, as we attempt to reverse engineer the game and how it works in front of you, so you can learn how to build an iOS app like Candy Crush!

We hacked this app out in 7 hours at Super Happy Dev House, so it's definitely feasible for indie devs who want to learn to build their own game apps.

Gabriel Lim
PHP Apps that Scale
Learn about the tricks that make PHP scale like crazy. Often times, making PHP scale isn't just about tweaking PHP itself, its the whole architecture around it. Learn how you can accomplish this with all the bad-ass open source tools you can shake a stick at...

Michael Cheng
Explore functional programming with Scala
What is this thing FP that Java developers hear about the rest of world is talking? Is it some knowledge that only men with white beards can acquire after spending 50 years sitting in a cave? In this era where cloud computing facilitates big data how does FP help me become more productive?

I'm going to attempt to answer those questions, so if you are interested then just come on over

Raymond Tay

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